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GNU, GPL, Open Source "A research firm serving the mobile phone industry has published an 18-page whitepaper about open source licensing. Entitled 'GPLv2 vs. GPLv3', the paper examines the meteoric rise of open source software, and the forces that shaped each license, before concluding with an extremely detailed point-by-point comparison."
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by mesonychoteuthis on Sun 30th Sep 2007 03:47 UTC
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"Of a more interesting subject of discussion, I remember there was an interesting point made over machine-specific code through encryption (tivoisation) used in the context of casino gaming, voter machines, etc. There may be cases in which the GPL3's freedoms are not ideal, and one would want to restrict in what ways it can be used or redistributed by choosing a more restrictive OSS license."

The prohibition against tivoisation only applies to "consumer devices." Neither of those cases involve a consumer device as defined in Gpl3, and neither of them would invoke the anti-tivoisation language anyway. The GPL3 only provides that the *owner* of the device in question should have the freedom to modify it. Gamblers don't own slot machines, nor do voters own voting machines. Supposed weakness like this one are produced in abundance by people who don't bother to read and understand the license before commenting.

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