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GNU, GPL, Open Source "A research firm serving the mobile phone industry has published an 18-page whitepaper about open source licensing. Entitled 'GPLv2 vs. GPLv3', the paper examines the meteoric rise of open source software, and the forces that shaped each license, before concluding with an extremely detailed point-by-point comparison."
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bsd license
by nulleight on Sun 30th Sep 2007 08:21 UTC
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I think people who say that bsd license is a true freedom are hypocrites. If they'd cared for freedom they'd release their code in public domain and wouldn't bitch if someone wouldn't give them credit -> see recent Atheros debakle. This was off topic, I admit, but this issue gets raised every time in a gpl discussion. I think gpl was the desicive reason for open source success and also a reason why competitiors actually can stand to develop the same product (linux) together because they know they all will benefit from it. This is also a reason why companies don't contribute back to bsd-licensed pojects, because their competitor can just snatch it away, add a pair of uniqire features and give it off as their own product and gain an unfair advantage. Like the bsd stack in windows. There are a lot of examples for that. I mean apart from "i dont care for my freedom untill a nazi-government knocks on my door" crowd a lot of people actually care about things like open source drivers an free software ( as in speech ). I am not a gpl fanboy, there are clearly other licenses that accomplish the same thing, they are just like a "police" that get's sometimes annoyng, but without it you wont get the MOTIVATION of alot of people who want to see their "free" code in programs that benefit humanity and not used as a tool to enslave it (for example windows monopoly).

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