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General Development The LLVM Project recently released a new version of their compiler, optimizer and code generators. LLVM includes a drop-in GCC-compatible C/C++ and ObjC compiler, mature optimization technology (including cross file/whole program optimization), and a highly optimizing code generator. For people who enjoy hacking on compilers and runtimes, LLVM provides libraries for implementing custom optimizers and code generators including JIT compiler support. This release is the first to provide beta GCC 4.2 compatibility as well as the new "clang" C/ObjC front-end, which provides capabilities to build source-to-source translators and many other tools.
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RE: Gentoo
by Havin_it on Sun 30th Sep 2007 12:13 UTC in reply to "Gentoo"
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I suspect it would take a little bit more than one ebuild: almost certainly a new profile would be needed, new eclasses, not to mention rewrites of all the gcc and autotools wrappers Portage uses. Then of course they'd need to craft their own install medium so they can bootstrap the whole system with LLVM. And that's ignoring the issue mentioned above with the kernel and other key bits of infrastructure being gcc-dependent...

Ricers may enjoy tweaking but I doubt there are many willing to take on a job of that scale. Not saying the Gentoo team themselves might not try it -- they've always been up for a challenge, just look at the FreeBSD and MacOS ports -- but don't expect it to happen in a hurry.

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