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BeOS & Derivatives In this video (.torrent, Quicktime) "you will see great attempts at crashing the Haiku app_server, some commentary on the robustness of the code, and a staggering amount of threads for Java running on BeOS R5." Here is more about the video.
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Ah, the excitment
by rain on Mon 5th Sep 2005 14:56 UTC
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What I've always loved about the BeOS community is the positive attitude. It's like "OK, so this might not be successful but at least we are trying to break some new ground, doing things a bit differently and we are having fun while doing it".
It's good to see that the spirit is still there. I'm sick of the wiseass attitude you get from most other communites in the computing world. Where has the excitement gone?

Since I've started a new company I haven't had the time to mess around with BeOS for over a year (and it wont boot on my new box for some reason). I'm using Linux for most of my work, and sure it gets the job done and I enjoy using Gnome, but it's so ugly and bloated compared to BeOS.

I'm interested in how far the Java development has come though. Will I be able to run apps like Eclipse on BeOS anytime soon?
Hopefully I will be able to switch from Linux to BeOS/Haiku again, but I don't see it happening at the moment. The application development is just so much further ahead on the linux side, and I don't have the time to develop my own apps anymore.

Thanks for the video anyway! It made my day actually.

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