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Amiga & AROS The Amiga world is an interesting one to follow. As an outsider, it is almost impossible to fully understand all the processes at work over there. The various companies, the individuals, the developers, The Three Men And A Cow who own an AmigaOne - they are not making it any easier. The past few weeks have seen quite a few news items regarding the Amiga platform. Did they help in creating a clearer picture of where the Amiga stands?
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Double standards ...
by -pekr- on Mon 1st Oct 2007 05:54 UTC
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I somehow (of course as a former Amigan :-) tend to agree with post, who criticises OSNews for "double standards". I worked 4 years for Amiga Review here in CZ as main columnist, and I know that in order to be able to judge the situation, one has to have some insight. That is also why I later refused to write for one electronic mag - I did not feel I can do that anymore, lost contacts and interest. That article has a little value and imo brings wrong conclusions.

AROS might be fine, but is open-source a holy grail? It is open source, yet it is developed very slowly. What is wrong with PPC? What is wrong with embedded hw? Noone tries to suggest here that Amiga is first league OS player. It is a niche. And if there is enough interest in it, then it is OK. Of course x86 would be more practical, but that still does not answer the main question - why AROS?

And some ppl here should just read their post and think before they post. Many are suggesting to let Amiga RIP. Yes, last 6 years are total fiasco, and as a manager I would fire Bill & Co long time ago. But - AmigaOS 4, or even MorphOS, are just light years ahead of some OSes which are reported here. They have some apps to run, they are more or less a complete system, and there is a userbase. Yet Amiga is being highly disregarded here.

My take is - as far as user base is alive and active AND interested, then there is still place for the Amiga. I bet most users suggesting it to RIP or spouting nonsense about missing critical features never ever saw, not to mention used, the real Amiga ...


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