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Amiga & AROS The Amiga world is an interesting one to follow. As an outsider, it is almost impossible to fully understand all the processes at work over there. The various companies, the individuals, the developers, The Three Men And A Cow who own an AmigaOne - they are not making it any easier. The past few weeks have seen quite a few news items regarding the Amiga platform. Did they help in creating a clearer picture of where the Amiga stands?
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A modern OS
by paolone on Mon 1st Oct 2007 19:42 UTC
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A modern OS has a multi-user interface. A modern OS has memory protection. A modern OS has accelerated 3D GUI.

I don't know exactly who is the medician who decided that, but anyway no doctor ordered me to mount a memory protected multiuser OS, with a 3D GUI on my PC. Or maybe I can have both, installing Vista and AROS on two partitions (why not?).

The motivation behind my interest in AROS is that I am a formerly Amiga fanboy who has never rejected his theories about the philosophical superiority of AmigaOS but, indeed, that always thought that AmigaOS would be fine on x86. Well, the big news here is that AROS is now working fine.

Well, maybe there's no lots of software available yet, but it's increasing. To the people who says AROS is no more advanced than AOS 3.1, I can only answer that AOS 3.1 was a good piece of software, but lacked of an hardware abstraction layer, a proper sound infrastructure and TCP/IP. AROS has them all. And Zune, which is a re-implementation of MUI.

But the best thing I can say is that no-one involved in AROS has gone somewhere selling dreams. AROS developers are just realizing another alternative to mainstream OSes (you can like it, or not), and a big opportunity also for devote AmigaOS4 and MoprhOS fans: the more AROS evolves and spreads, the more application will be written for it and ported on other Amiga platforms.

Or there is any lost Amigan who thinks (or hopes) that few hunderds PPC machines may constitute a valuable niche market?

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