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Java Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 focuses on performance, with expanded tools for managing and monitoring applications as well as diagnosing common problems. This article outlines the basis of monitoring and management in the Java SE platform and provides detailed information about the relevant enhancements in Java SE 6.
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Re. Looking good.
by newageman on Tue 2nd Oct 2007 16:03 UTC
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"I hope the Java programmers out there are taking notice and will use this to help improve performance and lower memory usage.

I'm not pointing any fingers mind...
(...but looking directly at Azureus)"

Though I admit java needs some improvements in memory area but after using some .Net apps and Adobe speed Demons(TM) and anti-virus,anti-spyware ...anti-Evil-in-your-face,etc on Windows,I barely notice any sluggishness:-).
Having said that,Java apps do stick out in linux (with its metal looks) than in Windows,but with plethora of different widgets/looks on Windows,peoples usually do not complain like their linux counterparts.Before shooting on my head take a look at where they are touting their 1+ year effort on gtk+ frontend of Yast where a perfectly qt frontend existed from the beginning.I can say the same about where cheap knock-offs of Windows Media/Photo(ManDVD,ManSlide etc) are the highest rated apps.
Can we please take our head out the cleavage?

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