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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku developer Marcus Overhagen reports that the AHCI SATA driver he has been working on in the last few months has been checked into the Haiku repository and is now ready for testing. Marcus is requesting those brave souls willing to test the SATA driver that they please send serial debug output or open bugs at Haiku's bug tracker.
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RE: Good to see this, BUT:
by El-Al on Tue 2nd Oct 2007 16:22 UTC
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Hmmm...I have often wondered whether Scott Hacker ever casts a sideways glance at the Haiku project?

Scott was a great 'evangelist' for the BeOS back in the day and, reading that article (for the first time I might add) I can't help but agree with many, or the majority of the points he made back then (ouch! 2001!!).

I never made the jump to Mac from PC but I understand exactly where he's coming from with respect to his comments on Windows/Linux when compared to BeOS.

Here's hoping for an alpha release of Haiku in the coming months!

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