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PC-BSD Two reviews of PC-BSD 1.4. The first one concludes: " If you are a new user, there is everything here for you; equally so if you are an experienced techie you can get into the FreeBSD ports tree and compile to your hearts content. Something for everyone here, no matter their level of knowledge or expertise." The second one: "PC-BSD is an extremely user friendly and secure BSD, based on the rock solid FreeBSD 6.2 stable core, with a easy to use package management system, a friendly installation GUI and great hardware recognition. It is easy enough for average users and interesting enough for advanced users."
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RE: It's ok.
by biteydog on Wed 3rd Oct 2007 10:02 UTC in reply to "It's ok. "
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I'm not the biggest fan of the package installer in PC-BSD, but there is the alternative of "ports", which covers just about everything.

Personally I prefer it to Kubuntu because, as a former SuSE user (since 6.2/1999) until Novell messed it over, I like a "classic" KDE desktop, IMHO Kubuntu, though very usable to a new Linux user, omits many of the best KDE features, and isn't as well integrated.

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