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RISC OS A flurry of RISC OS news today all crammed up into one item. There is a story on Java and RISC OS, a semi-announcement to a new source code release of RISC OS 5 by ROOL, and the Faraday medal for the man who designed the BBC Micro and ARM architecture - Professor Steve Furber. In addition, there is a piece on last week's news about the think tank Globalisation Institute's advice. The head of the organisation (who is a former RISC OS magazine journalist) seems to think unbundling RISC OS from the Iyonix is a possibility. Interestingly, the reports excludes Macintosh computers from unbundling. Update: The Intel Mac VirtualRiscPC beta has gone on sale.
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RE: really?
by flibble on Wed 3rd Oct 2007 10:22 UTC in reply to "really?"
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Freebasen: think Amiga like OS splits. The OS is developed by 2 different companies who hate each others guts. Version 0-3 were made by Acorn originally. Version 4 and 6 by one company (6 is just renumbered 4 to get them past the other group) produced and runs on some newer hardware and older hardware. Version 5 is made by a different company runs on a different set of newer hardware, it's v5 that's being opened up (a bit).

Two groups competing to be the king of the worlds smallest hill.

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