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RISC OS A flurry of RISC OS news today all crammed up into one item. There is a story on Java and RISC OS, a semi-announcement to a new source code release of RISC OS 5 by ROOL, and the Faraday medal for the man who designed the BBC Micro and ARM architecture - Professor Steve Furber. In addition, there is a piece on last week's news about the think tank Globalisation Institute's advice. The head of the organisation (who is a former RISC OS magazine journalist) seems to think unbundling RISC OS from the Iyonix is a possibility. Interestingly, the reports excludes Macintosh computers from unbundling. Update: The Intel Mac VirtualRiscPC beta has gone on sale.
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the mac
by poundsmack on Wed 3rd Oct 2007 12:32 UTC
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for these really nitch market OS's the mac's might be the best platform for them to work for. here is why. the mac is very exclusive hardware and you wouldnt only have to write upwards of 20 true device drivers. as opposed to the endless amount of genergic x86 boxes out there. the mac would allow them to get it working quickly and focus on the OS and not how many things can we make a driver for....

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