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Xfce "Every major release of the 4.x series of Xfce has been pretty major. 4.0 was the result of over a years work, a major rewrite of the entire desktop. 4.2 saw the introduction of major features and enhancements that were incomplete for 4.0, and new developers as Xfce4 gained popularity. 4.4 is going to be a major upgrade to Xfce, with new components, major upgrades to old ones, and more tools for developers. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what's coming."
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Be careful when you call something "bloated" because nautilus starts faster than any filemanager, even on lower end machines like my mums. Xfce is nice I like it but it's made for lower end machines, gnome takes more memory but has much more fuctionallity.

Yes, be careful indeed. Kongqueror start at least twice as fast when running in a KDE environment, as Nautilus does when running in a Gnome desktop. At least thati is what happens on my old 500MHz PIII 512MB RAM.

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