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Graphics, User Interfaces "Some time ago, I switched to Google's Picasa Web Albums online photo management software. Although it's simple to use, Picasa Web has been missing too many features for too long, and after Google locked me out of their software for a few days due to a bug of some sort, and their iPhoto plug-in stopped working, I decided it was time to start checking out the alternatives. I have played with a few services, and judged them based on a number of criteria. I've tested the following services: Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Zoto, Zooomr, SmugMug, Photobucket, Facebook, and MySpace. Read on for my initial results."
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RE: What about..
by Minty Fresh on Wed 3rd Oct 2007 23:56 UTC in reply to "What about.."
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So we're going to play this game? The "you didn't include every single site on the internet therefore the entire review is bunk" game?


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