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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu A review of Linux Mint Celena. "I think Celena is a breath of fresh air. It is the best GNOME distribution I have ever used. The artwork is simply amazing, I think PCLinuxOS must take a hint or two from Celena. Strong emphasis is given to integrating the theme with applications. I can see the hard work Mint developers have put behind custom applications like Mint Menu, MintUpload, MintAssitant and Mint Control Center. They have done a commendable job and made our lives easy. They have not followed the trend and have included KDE applications, wherever they felt the need."
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impressive releases...
by jtrapp on Thu 4th Oct 2007 02:34 UTC
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version 1.0 was released just over a year ago. Version 3.1 carries on the tradition of getting better and better. Mint gives me the best out of the box experience of any OS I have ever used. It supports all of the hardware on both my desktop and my laptop, I have had almost no problems with playing back all sorts of media. The start menu is the most usable that I have come across. Their development team is responsive and helpful. In short, I like this distro a lot.

I do worry that with the upcoming release 4.0 that they may move the system away from its Ubuntu base. To me, the Ubuntu compatibility is a major selling point. Ubuntu has an impressive user community and solutions are rarely more than a search away.

Mint uses the tagline: From Freedom came elegance

It could just as aptly be: Linux without sacrifice

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