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Amiga & AROS Bill McEwen of Amiga, Inc. writes in a public letter: "Over the last several months and in fact couple of years, Amiga has continued our software and business development and generally kept quiet. This path of quietness was chosen so that we communicated only when there was a development that culminated in a product that could be purchased. In recent weeks, our being quiet has been interpreted as weakness or an open invitation to attempt harming our business relationships and opportunities with partners and customers."
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RE[7]: Why?
by makfu on Thu 4th Oct 2007 15:57 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Why?"
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"It took ages to boot my vista-book (C2D + 2GB) to the point until it becomes responsible.
And de-hibernation isn't much faster.
On the other hand, my OS3.1 setup can boot in 2 secs under UAE ;)
I can move icons, launch programms in both cases.
What is so special in 2007 vs 1991 desktop?"

1. I didn't say hibernate resume (S4) I said S3, aka sleep resume.

2. Did you REALLY fail to get my point or are you just trolling? If the latter, lurk moar...

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