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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Palm CEO Ed Colligan has confirmed the new Palm OS won't be finished until the end of 2008. Originally scheduled for release by the end of this year, the operating system's launch date has continued to be pushed back, despite the added attention of the engineers freed up by the scrapping of Foleo last month. The new OS will allow Palm to release a whole range of products, including something similar to the ill-fated Foleo. Development is, apparently, progressing 'as well as possibly could be expected'.
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by miro on Thu 4th Oct 2007 21:01 UTC
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direction or the lack of it is the current problem palm has. I couldn't believe when I read that foleo wasn't even source compatible with the future linux based palmos. they need somebody who has a vision (not unlike jobs). they were the leaders now they cannot decide what exactly they want to do. this uncerntainity is making the last loyal palm devs switch to other platforms or at least makes them look elsewhere. there won't be any devs left in one year to actually develop for their new platform when/if palm releases it.

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