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SuSE, openSUSE OpenSUSE 10.3 has been released today. "This version contains new beautiful green artwork, KDE 3.5.7 and parts of KDE 4, SUSE-polished GNOME 2.20, a GTK version of YaST, a new 1-click-install technology, MP3 support out-of-the-box, new and redesigned YaST modules, compiz and compiz fusion advances, virtualisation improvements, 2.3, Xfce 4.4.1, and much more!"
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RE[4]: Umm, not for me
by Erunno on Fri 5th Oct 2007 09:55 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Umm, not for me"
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Care to name some?

You wouldn't sit on the command line without Novells involvement (and money) but the Linux desktop would be in a far less enjoyable state. For instance, Novell pays developers for GNOME, KDE, Kernel and OpenOffice. They funded the development of Compiz, XGL, AppArmor and Mono (continued funding). There's bound to be more projects of which I don't know of. Here's an additional list with projects where openSUSE team members are involved:

I'm actually quite surprised that you don't seem to be aware that you are probably using a lot of Novell-funded code.

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