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PC-BSD Jan Stedehouder has used PC-BSD for thirty days to see what living with it is like. On day thirty, he concludes: "Does PC-BSD have the potential to be a serious contender for the open source desktop? I answered that question with a yes, because the potential is there. The solid FreeBSD roots, the very strong and very accessible information, the friendly and mature community and the PBI system provide the foundations for that potential. I don't think it is ready now and I couldn't recommend it yet to someone in the early stages of moving away from Windows to an open source desktop. But I do think that the PC-BSD team has the right target audience in mind and is building an system and a support system that addresses it's needs."
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Some points
by zizban on Fri 5th Oct 2007 21:46 UTC
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PC-BSD is positioned as a FreeBSD system with full compatibility. This is true as long as you keep the core system as it is and donít start installing software via packages and ports. At that point I got the impression that PC-BSD is not completely in sync with FreeBSD. I have seen too many second and third digit dependency errors that made installing software via packages or ports a hit-and-miss thing.

This is very true. I found the ports simply terrible, hit or miss or simply broken was was odd if you are to say you have full FreeBSD compatibility. The PBIs are great but so few of them with bizarre hit or miss dependencies.

The second problem was with the graphics card. The suggestion to change the aperture in the BIOS was good and the solution worked. But PC-BSD is the only OS that needs this change and I have tried quite a few. Again, not something a novice user would understand and hence not something I want to see in an operating system that caters to the desktop user.

I had this problem as well. Stock Intel i810 thing that works flawlessly with every OS I've thrown at it (even Syllable and ReactOS) yet with PC-BSD I got unusual black lines and had to settle for a lower resolution to get rid of them. Even FreeBSD handles this card fine.

PC-BSD certainly has potential but also some truly annoying bugs.

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