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PC-BSD Jan Stedehouder has used PC-BSD for thirty days to see what living with it is like. On day thirty, he concludes: "Does PC-BSD have the potential to be a serious contender for the open source desktop? I answered that question with a yes, because the potential is there. The solid FreeBSD roots, the very strong and very accessible information, the friendly and mature community and the PBI system provide the foundations for that potential. I don't think it is ready now and I couldn't recommend it yet to someone in the early stages of moving away from Windows to an open source desktop. But I do think that the PC-BSD team has the right target audience in mind and is building an system and a support system that addresses it's needs."
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RE: Package Management
by pandronic on Sat 6th Oct 2007 10:53 UTC in reply to "Package Management"
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PBIs are definitely not the answer. Really, they're a truly terrible idea.

Give me a break ... having a standalone installer packaged in one file IS the answer. It's so much more convenient. Take Windows for example ... I can use Google (or whatever search engine I like) to find the application I need, I download it and install it. Take Linux for example ... I search a database using a simplistic search engine for an application that might or might not be there (depending on the developers' mood or agenda); if I don't find it then I have to install some repository and search in there and then another one, and so on.

And what about updating? I don't mind every application doing it on its own when I use it, or doing it myself. I actually find that some old versions fit my needs better (for example Photoshop 7 works better for me than CS3). I don't care about vulnerabilities - not even once did one of my unupdated applications on my Windows box had any problems with this (of course, I don't use IE ;) ). If you ask me its just paranoia.

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