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Syllable, AtheOS The first development release of Syllable Server is available. It provides a text mode Linux environment, but also contains a preliminary graphical environment built on the framebuffer device, with DirectFB and SDL on top. The planned graphical environment from Syllable Desktop is not included yet. The installation procedure is short, but is still manual - and resembles the installation procedure for the old AtheOS. Included are tools such as a graphical web browser, a file manager and an editor. One thing Syllable Server is designed for is to function as a light-weight virtualisation platform for running other operating systems (or multiple instances of itself). The QEmu virtualisor/emulator is included, and the KQEmu Accelerator kernel module is integrated into the system. There's a screenshot of Syllable Server running on Syllable Desktop, installation and usage instructions, a torrent (preferred), and an installation package [.tar.7z].
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RE[2]: lzma
by sbergman27 on Sun 7th Oct 2007 21:55 UTC in reply to "RE: lzma"
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What a flat out lie. You can't beat bzip2 with anything...


The data I transfer daily in lzma format is my own customers' point of sale data. I can't very well send you that. So try this instead:

cd /etc
tar -c -v -f - . | cat > ~/test.tar
tar -c -v -f - . | bzip2 > ~/test.tar.bz2
tar -c -v -f - . | lzma -9 > ~/test.tar.lzma

Here are the results on my FC7 system:

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 114114560 2007-10-07 16:39 test.tar
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 9486794 2007-10-07 16:40 test.tar.bz2
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 6953453 2007-10-07 16:44 test.tar.lzma

That's 27% smaller than the bzip2 file, on a test I pulled randomly out of the air.

The *big* news here is that there are actually bzip2 zealots in this world! Who'd have thought?

Would you like a valium?

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