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Window Managers E16 version is now available for download. Changes: "Fix infinite loop when regenerating menus; fix potential incorrect termination of IPC connection which could cause segv.; eesh: fix bad event loop causing hangs in certain situations; fix xinerama head selection in certain situations; fix menu placement on xinerama screens; various minor bug fixes and enhancements."
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by Gullible Jones on Mon 8th Oct 2007 00:39 UTC
Gullible Jones
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How about a usable, decently non-buggy E17 release? It's a nice enough desktop shell right now; why not just fix up the bugs and the compositor and release it instead of addimg more futuristic plans every time something new comes up, in spite of it being well behing Gnome, KDE, and XFCE with regard to eyecandy and such at this point?

(Mind, it would also be nice to use the same damn graphical toolkit for all E17 apps, but that can wait.)

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