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SuSE, openSUSE A review of OpenSUSE 10.3, which concludes: "While openSUSE's efforts to simplify Linux or Window-fy Linux can be commended, the inconsistency in their implementation is its downfall. Opening applications quickly becomes a chore with the excessive amount of clicks needed to find the application you want. The application browser loads slowly, looks cluttered, and uses icons that are too large. Yast has been improved but still feels slow."
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I was so impressed at Suse 10.3 I just bought one of those Dell Ubuntu machines for a dedicated Suse 10.3 install. The new menu is nice and bootup is really fast as is shutdown. For someone who doesn't like to keep the machines on when not in use I would recommend Suse 10.3.

The artwork is brilliant and the post-install distro is polished. The "install" seems patched together but hey it works and it's not Novell Desktop (bought a license for that) but it comes really close.

I am looking to using this distro and seeing what was done to linux in the past year and a half since I retired from distro testing and went with Vista via a technet subscription.

I admire the attention to useability out of the box, which the open suse community has hit right on the head. Hardware detection is flawless as is the Xorg screen setup. No tweaking needed.

Nice so far, but hey it's been what 2 days?

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