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Window Managers Fluxbox 1.0 has been released. There's a changelog, and a download page, of course. "Fluxbox is yet another windowmanager for X. It's based on the Blackbox 0.61.1 code. Fluxbox looks like Blackbox and handles styles, colors, window placement and similar thing exactly like Blackbox (100% theme/style compability)."
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there is
by pllb on Tue 9th Oct 2007 13:53 UTC
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...having a "start" button would be a lot nicer. This is the reason why I switched back to IceWM.

There is an option for this somewhere or a patch on the sourceforge page. What I'd like to see is the abilty to have more than 1 toolbar with the ability to add a proper pager into it..not just something that let's you know what desktop you're on.

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