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SuSE, openSUSE A review of OpenSUSE 10.3, which concludes: "While openSUSE's efforts to simplify Linux or Window-fy Linux can be commended, the inconsistency in their implementation is its downfall. Opening applications quickly becomes a chore with the excessive amount of clicks needed to find the application you want. The application browser loads slowly, looks cluttered, and uses icons that are too large. Yast has been improved but still feels slow."
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I am writng this on a Suse 10.3...
by chicobaud on Tue 9th Oct 2007 16:28 UTC
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... and it was a waste fo time and bandwidth.
I wanted to try the new Gnome 2.20.0 and give OpenSuse a chance but it has plenty of bugs, at least in OpenSuse; I don't really expect that Suse would be better.

Now I understand why DELL choose Ubuntu rather then a more commercial distribution; like Suse-Novell.

This OpenSuse and Fedora give Linux a bad impression to newcommers ! This is my opinion, OK ?

.rpm dependency still exists !
I tried to install GVIM and got my first dependency problem. Also ther gvim menu doesn't work out of the box (dunno why+don't care)- it just doesn't work. I tried to install Web Fonts and no luck ! O had to doenload an old rpm and rpm -ivh to get Microsoft fonts. Yast couldn't search this fonts !
Why ? I don't care why - I just checked the repos on yast and all was OK.

The yast2 is a problem to work with. You can't find find what you want quickly (or slowly).

Also, the software installation loads the repositories every time !?! If you just want to install a small app like the rxvt terminal it will load all of the repositories you decided to choose and it will use CPU cycles unnecessarily ! (Slowing you down in the process) Are you kidding me ?

I am thinking about writing my own review since the reviews I had read before downloading SUSE-GNOME-CD said it was "better". Is this better ? No.

Very good hardware handling is a strong point in Suse !

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