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Novell and Ximian "Novell's long journey from NetWare to Linux is finally complete. On Oct. 8, Novell released Open Enterprise Server 2 to its customers worldwide. Shortly after acquiring SUSE and its enterprise-focused Linux distribution, Novell announced that its follow-on to NetWare 6.5 would ship as a set of network services that could run atop the NetWare and the Linux kernel, OES 1.0. OES, which began shipping in April 2005, was the first major step in Novell moving NetWare's services from its native operating system to Linux. Now, with OES 2.0, the NetWare operating system kernel, NetWare 6.5 SP7, is still there if you run it, but it runs on top of the Xen hypervisor. You can also run the NetWare services, or a para-virtualized instance of NetWare, on top of Xen with the SLES 10 SP 1 kernel. So, if you're wedded to NetWare and its way of doing things, you don't have to wave good-bye to it."
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RE: Novell is back!
by IanSVT on Tue 9th Oct 2007 18:26 UTC in reply to "Novell is back!"
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No, the client is still around. There are ways to get around using the client, but it's still probably the most used "gateway" for NCP connection. I think the Vista client was just released, along with the next version of the Linux client. I haven't had any time to muck around with anything new on this front in the past three months unfortunately.

I'm hoping to set up a small testing lab within a few weeks and install OES2 on top of SLES, OES2 NetWare as a Xen virtual machine, and a bare metal NetWare 6.5.7 and see how they interact with each other. I wonder what my boss would say if I dropped a $3000 PO for a ThinkPad with a VT enabled Intel cpu and 4GB of ram for a "test lab"? ;)

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