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Microsoft Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has warned users of Red Hat Linux that they will have to pay Microsoft for its intellectual property. "People who use Red Hat, at least with respect to our intellectual property, in a sense have an obligation to compensate us," Ballmer said last week at a company event in London discussing online services in the UK.
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RE: This is sad...
by Soulbender on Wed 10th Oct 2007 04:11 UTC in reply to "This is sad..."
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"When you can't make working products, you make threats...
When you can't get innovative minds to work for you, you find unemployed lawyers... "

Don't be stupid. There are a lot of talented and innovative people working for MS and as opposed to the patent lawsuit bottom feeders (like Rambus and Eolas) MS does actually have products.

"Please MS put a leash on Mr Balmer. He is RUINING the company."

Indeed. Every time he opens his mouth in public it's a PR disaster. It's somewhat of a mystery why they let him continue making public statements.

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