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Windows Various sources are posting screenshots of the upcoming beta release of Longhorn, Microsoft's succesor to Windows XP. IE7 shots are also included. Due to the Slashdot-effect, mirrors are already available. Original source | mirror 1 | mirror 2. My take: Too much transparency.
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Function v Fuzzy
by thavith_osn on Mon 11th Jul 2005 23:23 UTC
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When I write software, functionality is the most important thing, if the s/w has less functionality than another, then it will be a harder sell.

However, once that is there, adding warm and fuzzy is the next thing that will help your product to sell. Ask anyone in marketing.

OK, if you are in OSS, then fuzzy may not be a consideration, but I always feel better about a product that is well built and considered form and function. If all the functions are there, but it takes me 10 days instead of 1 to learn (yes, extreme example) then you may as well not added those extra functions anyway...

A hammer with a nice grip that means I can work with it longer than a hammer with a bad grip would be a good example. But I do take the point, a hammer with a really nice grip with no head is not a hammer.

If Apple and MS can do both at the same time, even better, but functional should always take priority.

One more point, and one that others here have been saying, this is not the final GUI!!! The final GUI will be more like Looking Glass. This GUI will be seen on lower end machines most probably, but on newer machines with good GFX, this won't be the default.

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