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Windows PCMag takes a look at the Vista SP1 beta, and concludes: "The actual first beta of SP1 may not deserve a fanfare, simply because - like all first betas - it has its own set of issues to resolve. But by the time you can get SP1 on the Microsoft Update site or as part of a new Vista installation DVD, you'll want your PC to have it. Nothing dramatic here, but SP1 is a solid, useful upgrade that makes the operating system a little safer and a little faster."
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RE[2]: This gave me shivers
by obsidian on Wed 10th Oct 2007 07:06 UTC in reply to "This gave me shivers"
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Heck, on Linux (and probably the BSDs as well) there is
PCmanFM - that is really fast ("fast" meaning that it takes about 1 second to open).

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