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Novell and Ximian "Novell's long journey from NetWare to Linux is finally complete. On Oct. 8, Novell released Open Enterprise Server 2 to its customers worldwide. Shortly after acquiring SUSE and its enterprise-focused Linux distribution, Novell announced that its follow-on to NetWare 6.5 would ship as a set of network services that could run atop the NetWare and the Linux kernel, OES 1.0. OES, which began shipping in April 2005, was the first major step in Novell moving NetWare's services from its native operating system to Linux. Now, with OES 2.0, the NetWare operating system kernel, NetWare 6.5 SP7, is still there if you run it, but it runs on top of the Xen hypervisor. You can also run the NetWare services, or a para-virtualized instance of NetWare, on top of Xen with the SLES 10 SP 1 kernel. So, if you're wedded to NetWare and its way of doing things, you don't have to wave good-bye to it."
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Goodbye Novell
by segedunum on Wed 10th Oct 2007 10:18 UTC
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For Novell to have a future, OES basically had to be an amazing competitor to the OS that is taking away Netware's market share - Windows 2003. Put simply, it's not. Keep in mind that the company who Novell is in bed with is producing the OS that has been destroying their market share for some time now. Novell should just have focused on making something good.

The graphical tools that should be available to go head-to-head with Windows 2003 are simply not there, and there has been an awful lot of crap thrown around as to which toolkit to use (Mono obviously isn't helping), better integration of existing Netware tools into the Linux distribution and open sourcing a lot of Netware tools and the OS to enable that integration to happen and get people using Netware stuff again. What they've done is produced something that people who have bought into Red Hat and Windows can't see anything compelling in, and they've completely disaffected their existing Netware customers. Well done Novell.

Novell's traditional culture hasn't helped, as we have seen with the takeovers of Ximian and Suse and the arguments about what to use and what not to use. A decision should have come from the top down, and it didn't. Just ask Chris Stone, John Vigeant of Xensource, Alan Nugent and a lot of other good people from Suse. A company doesn't lose people like that unless there's something seriously wrong.

It looks as though there's another round of layoffs going on at the moment, there's still lacklustre growth and revenue from any new business, and the knee-jerk reaction from Novell's executives have only speeded things up.

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