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Linux After 3 months, Linus has released Linux 2.6.23. This version includes the new and shiny CFS process scheduler, a simpler read-ahead mechanism, the lguest 'Linux-on-Linux' paravirtualization hypervisor, XEN guest support, KVM smp guest support, variable process argument length, SLUB is now the default slab allocator, SELinux protection for exploiting null dereferences using mmap, XFS and ext4 improvements, PPP over L2TP support, the 'lumpy' reclaim algorithm, a userspace driver framework, the O_CLOEXEC file descriptor flag, splice improvements, a new fallocate() syscall, lock statistics, support for multiqueue network devices, various new drivers and many other minor features and fixes.
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good enough for most users
by nighty5 on Wed 10th Oct 2007 12:32 UTC
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I find that the linux kernel has matured to such a level that it meets my every day desktop and server needs.

The above changes in this kernel are proof that these updates aren't exactly ground breaking, most of the problems have been figured out.

I do look forward to more focused desktop experience (such as Con's scheduler) and a greater focus on the development of applications and desktops.

With the release of KDE 4 around the corner its an exciting time for the applications world on Linux.

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