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Window Managers E16 version is now available for download. Changes: "Fix infinite loop when regenerating menus; fix potential incorrect termination of IPC connection which could cause segv.; eesh: fix bad event loop causing hangs in certain situations; fix xinerama head selection in certain situations; fix menu placement on xinerama screens; various minor bug fixes and enhancements."
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RE[2]: Enlightenment is dying....
by MrSidecar on Wed 10th Oct 2007 15:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Enlightenment is dying...."
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-First, the redundancy in your post doesnīt make it more credible, IMHO.
-Second, what are you talkinī about?

Due to the troubles of Walnut Creek, abysmal sales and so on, E17 went out of business and was taken over by E17I who sell another troubled WM/DE. Now E17I is also dead, its corpse turned over to yet another charnel house.

Firing up a Google search for E17I did not yield any result, so what is this supposed to mean?

-Third, abysmal sales? How do you sell a free product? Where is Enlightenment sold? Or E17?

While it is true that E17 development is incredibly slow (I was looking forward to its release back in 1999, when I was still using Linux), your post seems to me utterly strange, Iīm sorry to say. -Back on the matter: Letīs just hope this still cool project doesnīt evaporate, itīs pretty hip still.

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