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Mac OS X "The Dock in Mac OS X is unique in comparison to the user interface of Windows, most Linux distros that emulate the Windows desktop, and previous versions of the Classic Mac OS. Apple has significantly updated the Dock in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Here's a look at what's new and different in our 3-page report."
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RE[2]: NeXt inheritors
by Trenien on Thu 11th Oct 2007 09:42 UTC in reply to "RE: NeXt inheritors"
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Probably because, at first sight, it is far from easy to understand how it exactly works.

Yes, but the hype notwithstanding, everybody has to go through a learning phase before being able to properly use any kind of new interface, whatever the system (and I mean that with the widest meaning, not only computers).

I don't use a mac, but I do have to deal with windows box from time to time. That grouping of apps in the taskbar is one of the most irritating things I can think of.
Even acknowledging that Windowmaker hasn't the best solution (but you'll have to go a looong way to show me one I like better) I just can't fathom why Apple's GUI designer haven't tried to somehow take advantage of the multiple desktops.

I tend to hold the whole "users are dumb and will never be able to remember what they did on their computers ten seconds ago" attitude responsible.

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