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Internet & Networking "Luke Schierer started using Pidgin (then known as Gaim) in 1999, not long after its first release. He officially joined the project in 2001, after being on the IRC channel and helping out for a few several months. He is now one of the core developers. Somewhere between his full time job working with Linux clusters and his time spent developing Pidgin, he finds time to tell PC World about his life, open source and Pidgin."
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RE: Protocol Icons
by ParanoidAndroid on Thu 11th Oct 2007 20:51 UTC in reply to "Protocol Icons"
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And MSN support is still pretty basic compared to MSN messenger (duh) and amsn. That's why I stick to amsn (everyone I know uses MSN).
Beside your points, pidgin has little support for blocking/unblocking MSN users.

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