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Mozilla & Gecko clones The developer team behind Firefox has announced plans to bring a mobile version of the technology to the market in 2008. "People ask us all the time about what Mozilla's going to do about the mobile web, and I'm very excited to announce that we plan to rock it," Mike Schroepfer, a Mozilla developer known as 'schrep', wrote on the Mozillazine blog.
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Yet another rewrite of history
by abdavidson on Thu 11th Oct 2007 22:31 UTC
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What a horrible story.

Basically, they are saying: small devices and the embedded space is too low powered to run web browsers and they are getting more powerful so we can move there... and somehow this is revolutionary.

""Getting a no-compromise web experience on devices requires significant memory (>=64MB) as well as significant CPU horsepower," Schroepfer added"

Excuse me? What is this "no-compromise"; does he believe that only Firefox is the "no-compromise" solution?

Yet again it seems that the Mozilla mob are re-writing history to suit themselves.

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