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Legal Groklaw reports that a company called IP Innovation, LLC, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Novell and Red Hat. Groklaw goes into black helicopter mode, trying to find a tie between this IP Innovation thing and Microsoft - and it finds it too. A few ex-Microsoft employees now work at IP Innovation. Do with it as you please.
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RE: reasonable former employment
by walterbyrd on Fri 12th Oct 2007 19:00 UTC in reply to "reasonable former employment"
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>>Microsoft is a HUGE employer in the tech industry, particularly in the area of IP. That someone would go from MS to a patent holding company seems to me to be a fairly reasonable career move rather than conspiracy.<<

But there is more to it than that. Msft and the patent troll company just came to some sort of agreement last August. Also, this action immediately follows Ballmer's thinly veiled threats against redhat.

Furthermore, the editors of this site bashing groklaw about "black helicoptor mode" is not justified. PJ has been amazingly accurate, and honest, all along. Certainly PJ has more accurate than the standard tech-pop-media.

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