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Legal Groklaw reports that a company called IP Innovation, LLC, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Novell and Red Hat. Groklaw goes into black helicopter mode, trying to find a tie between this IP Innovation thing and Microsoft - and it finds it too. A few ex-Microsoft employees now work at IP Innovation. Do with it as you please.
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RE[2]: My take
by llanitedave on Fri 12th Oct 2007 21:00 UTC in reply to "RE: My take"
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>>I think GrokLaw got it largely wrong about SCO. The SCO case was too cook-y and "hick"-ish to be indirectly sponsored by Microsoft.<<

1) The scox-scam was certainly, directly, sponsored by msft. Why did else would msft suddenly decide a buy $17 million worth of er . . "licenses" which msft already owned and doesn't use. And would would the halloween email turn up the exact company that funded scox for another $50 million? And why were the same msft shill "journalists" all so strongly supporting scox?

2) Too cook-y and hick-ish for msft? Maybe you are not aware of msft's chair throwing braying jackass of an excuse for a CEO? There is absolutely nothing refined about monkey-boy ballmer. Ballmer is loud-mouth hot-head buffoon, and msft has been on auto-pilot since he took over.

I hate to post simple "me too" remarks, but this one was too right on for me to do anything but shout along.

Hit the nail on the head, walterbyrd. Groklaw has been right far more than it has been wrong about the SCO case, and I think it will cover this one with amazing insight as well.

Too many "open-source paralegals" for them to sweep anything under the rug.

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