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Graphics, User Interfaces Last week, Stardock released version 6 of WindowBlinds, their Windows skinning suite, which is the first version to include full support for Windows Vista. Stardock was kind enough to provide OSNews with a copy of WindowBlinds 6.0. Read on for some findings.
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RE[2]: Luna Element
by draginol on Fri 12th Oct 2007 21:09 UTC in reply to "Luna Element"
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"If there was an official Window Blinds port of Luna Element that uses the Window Blinds additional skinning features, I'd buy Window Blinds 6 without thinking twice. "

There has bene for 2 years.

I do agree that most WindowBlinds skins aren't that great. But that is the same of icons, wallpapers, and everything else.

The existence of ugly WindowBlinds skins as a reason not to use it would be like arguing we shouldn't change our wallpapers because most wallpapers look terrible.

There are thousands and thousands of WindowBlinds skins out there but there are also many ones that would likely match your preference.

For instance, I have been running Metal Vista. ( It looks great IMO. (See for a quick preview).

There are great themes out there. They're not any harder to find than a good wallpaper or a good icon package. But it does require the user to sort by rating or look around just like anything else.

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