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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The release candidate for Ubuntu 7.10 has been released. "The Ubuntu developers are hurrying to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software that the open source and free software communities have to offer. This is the Ubuntu 7.10 release candidate, which brings a host of excellent new features. We consider this release candidate to be complete, stable and suitable for testing by any user. The final stable version will be released in October 2007."
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RE[2]: boff
by flojlg on Fri 12th Oct 2007 23:14 UTC in reply to "RE: boff"
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And your next question will be
This distrib don't have this or that so why you change ?
As I have to explain ...
No I won't, because I express an opinion and after a large support to Ubuntu I don't feel excited any more, that's it.
I have recently installed a Debian unstable and saw not much difference, but a better performance, and no special tool that I don't get there, so what's the point ? Why so much about Ubuntu? Now the egg or the hen witch one came first I don't care.
Just to point that a lot is said about Ubuntu, but after 4 release they all look the same.
just one point by distro :suse have yast, mandriva draktools, debian apt-get, redhat-fedora...and so on Ubuntu have c,e,k,x etc buntu like a long movie without a star, or a story...
Is that enough ?

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