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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris The GNOME version of Mandriva Linux 2008 One has been released and is now available via BitTorrent or from the mirror sites. Featuring all the same new features as the other editions of Mandriva Linux 2008, with a fully up-to-date GNOME 2.20 desktop. In addition, another review of Mandriva 2008.
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Most important question....
by leech on Mon 15th Oct 2007 23:29 UTC
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Did they screw with the Gnome menus like the majority of RPM based distributions tend to do? I like a flat Applications -> Internet, Applications -> Games, etc. None of this Applications -> Internet -> Web Browsers. I really only need one or two web browsers installed. There are really only the need for a maximum of five web browsers. I don't think that really constitutes the need for it's own sub-menu, especially since one of those browsers would be IE and would be under Wine.

This is what keeps me away from most of the RPM based distributions. OpenSuSE decided to go one step further and completely ignored the normal Gnome menu. Ugh.

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