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OpenBSD "A few weeks ago, the OpenBSD Project announced that the Portable C Compiler had been added to the OpenBSD source tree. There has already been some explanation of why the traditional GNU Compiler Collection is troublesome and why a new compiler is needed, but there are still some details left uncovered. In this interview, Theo de Raadt and Otto Moerbeek of the OpenBSD Project offer more information about PCC and GCC and where they are headed within the project."
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by Janizary on Tue 16th Oct 2007 02:16 UTC
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Oddly enough, one of the big reasons why I use Windows is PuTTY.

Putty runs on OpenBSD even.

PuTTY has better documentation, a simpler interface (i.e. no need to pull out vi to edit config files or deal with long command line parameters), and seems to behave with non OpenSSH servers better.

I disagree quite strongly, but I come from a Unix perspective, where we understand man pages and prefer simple to use text config files over giant monsterous guis. Perhaps you should be using VNC. I've never even encountered a non-OpenSSH server, so I can't really comment on your compatability jab.

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