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Windows "When Microsoft announced Windows Home Server earlier this year, it was greeted with a mixture of curious disdain and eagerness. Some questioned what the product offered over existing solutions, while others welcomed it with open arms. It's at once hard to explain and easy to understand what Windows Home Server is, but it's worth getting to know the newest addition to the Windows family."
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Hide it from your ISP
by SpasmaticSeacow on Tue 16th Oct 2007 19:44 UTC
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Nobody has brought it up, but most ISPs (I know Comcast and Verizon) have language that prohibits running "servers" on "your home network". It's obviously overbroad language intending to tell you that they don't want you becoming a web-hosting service out of your basement using their service, but nonetheless, that's typically what they say.

How long until some technician sees that you have WHS on your LAN and they summarily refuse to connect you because of it? Perhaps and ISP will disconnect someone that mentions it in a service call...

We have a rule of thumb in my department at work: never CALL a computer a "server" -- that magic word pricks the ears of IT, gets purchases vetoed, and keeps you from getting a computer on your desk. Irregardless of its functions, it's ALWAYS a "workstation" or "intrumentation control system"; never a server.

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