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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "Mandriva Linux has a history of inconsistency; one release will be superb, and the next one will be so bug-ridden and feature-weak that it's unusable. The only commonality among all releases are the excellent system configuration tools, which have continued to evolve over the years to match an increasing level of complexity in the desktop software stack. True to form, Mandriva 2008.0 is an excellent release, following the terrible 2007.1, and the just as excellent 2007.0. Some of the important things that were dropped from the previous release (Cedega, LinDVD) are back, and some of the problems (huge K menu button, cluttered menus) have been mitigated."
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RE: Interesting - I use 4 desktops minimum
by jabbotts on Wed 17th Oct 2007 16:10 UTC in reply to "Interesting"
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The problem for me is being at work for 8 hours infront of a winXP box with only one desktop and an average of 11 or more items in the taskbar. "grouping" sucks rocks for my needs so it get's cluttered quickly.

At home, 4 desktops minimum. one for browsing and current tasks, one for email and system details, one for VMware console and rdesktops into VM windows boxes and the last for my four standard Eterm windows. (why email and system stats ended up on the same desktop; who knows.. just did).

I expand the Mandriva taskbar to "normal" size and make it hide itself to keep out of the way and make that line of four desktops into a 2x2 box. I also adjust the key commands to change desktops in the four directions for when I don't want to touch the mouse or raise the hidden taskbar.

As someone else mentioned; once you get used to multiple desktops, one is a crude way to work.

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