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KDE The KDE Projects is announcing the third beta of its future KDE 4.0 platform. "This Beta has mostly been focussing on finalizing the design of the libraries in preparation for the release of the KDE Development Platform. Yet, many user-visible changes have gotten in as well. While new features and usability improvements were added, bugs were found and fixed in KDE and the stability of Beta 3 has improved much compared to the previous Betas. With the third Beta, the KDE project has begun to finalize KDE 4.0."
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RE: should they rewrite KDE4?
by Polari on Thu 18th Oct 2007 09:20 UTC in reply to "should they rewrite KDE4?"
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Why the hell would they rewrite it? They've got all the makings of a great platform, the actual desktop itself just needs a bit of polishing. 4.0 won't be perfect, but then neither was 3.0. I'd rather have 4.0 on my desktop in January and 4.1 eight or so months later than see the release delayed far into the new year. Even if it is a bit rough around the edges, 4.0 will still be a vast improvement over the aging 3.x series.

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