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Linspire "Former Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony was pretty gung-ho about the company's upcoming release back in June. He said it would 'fill some key holes in our current offering'. Unfortunately Linspire 6, released last week, lacks the refinements you'd expect in a distro you pay USD 50 to download. It drops some key distinguishing features, and in return gains only some Microsoft technology as spelled out in the Microsoft patent covenants Linspire agreed to. This release seems to be about deferring to Microsoft."
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RE: Linspire's shining achievement
by searly on Thu 18th Oct 2007 12:52 UTC in reply to "Linspire's shining achievement"
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Yes CNR was great in its day ... however you have other One Klick install systems now like Klik and the openSUSE built service / one-click install, there is nothing really that Linspire has to offer over other Linux distributions, even less so, now that they are using Ubuntu as a Base ...

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