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Features, Office Remember those great "home of the future" demonstrations from days past? If you're not old enough to remember them from world fairs, Disneyland, or movie newsreels, you've probably seen the cartoons parodying them: Robotic maids, self-cleaning kitchens, futuristic-looking plastic furniture, dehydrated food; everything white, round, and sparkling. Well, it's the future now, and it didn't exactly turn out the way they thought it would, but thanks to ubiquitous computer technology, today's home can have capabilities that futurists 50 years ago would never have imagined.
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What a great article
by kloty on Thu 18th Oct 2007 19:46 UTC
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Hi Adam,

thanks a lot for the great article, I enjoyed reading it. In fact I was also a fan of all these future predictions books from the last century and it is interesting to see, which prediction is fullfilled and which not. I think you're mostly refering to the American and Western Europe books, but it is also very interesting (and somehow horrifiying) to read the predictions which were made in 20th-30th decades of the last century in Sowjetunion, what people were thinking how they can transform the whole earth by watering whole deserts, defrosting Siberia, cultivating the jungle and so on. Luckily enough for us, these plans were way too ambitious, though some of these plans were fullfilled, like watering the deserts in Uzbekistan, that leads already to ecological catastrophe (drying out of Aral-lake).

What you forgot to mention was the introduction of LED as lightning source, which is also a revolution, because it lasts much longer, consumes far less energy and is available in different colors, which can change dependent on your mood.

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