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Legal A group of state attorneys general urged a federal judge on Tuesday to hold Microsoft to a 2002 antitrust settlement another five years so that the company can't stymie embryonic Web 2.0 rivals of its Windows operating system. According to six states - California, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and Massachusetts - and the District of Columbia, Microsoft could use its Internet Explorer browser as a 'chokepoint' to block moves that might unseat Windows dominant position on the desktop.
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If you don't mind my asking, how much education have you had? Our laws and our science are based to a large extent upon inductive logic, i.e. extrapolating historical knowledge to determine likely future events. By your *logic*, just because a pedophile like the recently-apprehended Mr. Neil has been linked to violating our laws by repeatedly abusing dozens of children, that doesn't necessarily mean that he will do it again, so I guess it would be OK with you to leave him in society...perhaps he could babysit your kids, if you ever have any?

Microsoft is a convicted monopolist which has repeatedly abused their market position and financial power to crush competitors and influence government bodies (like the recent OOXML ISO fiasco, the corruption of which is still unfolding). They have proven beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt (except in the mind of a MS-shill) that they are a power-mad, corrupt organization that cannot, and should not, be trusted to control their own actions. Hence this request for government oversight (which I hope galvanizes much more stringent actions, and also convinces people that supporting this company by purchasing or using ANYTHING from them is essentially a vote signalling your willingness to let this behavior continue).

There are excellent alternatives to Microsoft's products which are based upon values which enhance, instead of crush, the free development of others; Linux, OpenOffice, and open source software and document formats by their open nature generate trust and cooperation between people, organizations and societies. This is something that clinging to oppressive organizations like Microsoft can never accomplish.

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