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RISC OS RISC OS has recently benefitted from a number of projects to improve its graphics capabilities including, most recently, 3D acceleration. And as more development occurs for multi-display support, Drobe asks the question whether this is the widest RISC OS desktop yet. But more interesting is the insight into the RISC OS world that this view of the desktop provides.
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RE: Who uses RISC OS?
by diodesign on Tue 6th Sep 2005 19:19 UTC in reply to "Who uses RISC OS?"
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I think people who use RISC OS are those who have found an OS they can enjoy and use intuitively. They like the software and desktop environment and the people who use it and develop software for it.

The userbase mostly came from the Acorn era, when the UK computer company made machines primarily aimed at the UK education market. The OS did well because it was ROM based (and therefore resilient to attacks), worked well with the RISC ARM based hardware it ran on and had a friendly user interface. The company was later broken up because it held too many shares its rich ARM off shoot. The OS was then sold onto other developers who had their own markets.

The important question is why do people still use it. It's a matter of taste, I believe, as RISC OS users do not seek to 'rule' the world with their platform, but simply be allowed to use the OS they prefer. You can't be told what RISC OS is, you can only see it for yourself ;-)

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