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Legal A group of state attorneys general urged a federal judge on Tuesday to hold Microsoft to a 2002 antitrust settlement another five years so that the company can't stymie embryonic Web 2.0 rivals of its Windows operating system. According to six states - California, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and Massachusetts - and the District of Columbia, Microsoft could use its Internet Explorer browser as a 'chokepoint' to block moves that might unseat Windows dominant position on the desktop.
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RE[5]: Web 2.0?
by twenex on Sun 21st Oct 2007 09:10 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Web 2.0?"
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I think people forget here how *big* and successful Windows95 and how exciting it was at the time, people queued for Windows95 it was very big news, and what a step up it was for most people.

When you have been raised on Soviet bread queues for 70 years, even McDonald's seems like a luxury.

People can crow about what a big success Microsoft's got all they like, and can whine on that "people don't run OSes, they run applications" till the cows come home: but that doesn't change the fact that it's Microsoft's marketing that's always been superior to everyone else's; not their technology, which (with the exception of office suites) is laughable.

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