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Mac OS X Apple posted a Leopard guided tour video, in the same format as the earlier iPhone and iPod Touch guided tours. It mentions the new Finder, stacks, Time Machine, Quick Look, Spaces, and so on. In Quicktime, of course.
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Don't argue with Thom.
by powderblue on Sun 21st Oct 2007 18:30 UTC
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There's no point in starting an argument with this guy. He has never had one positive thing to say about Apple since he started posting at this site. I have been coming here long before he started posting and remember when it was just Eugenia who was always pretty fair and didn't have to take a shot at Apple on every chance. He just has the same argument everytime about how he uses a cube as him main machine if you confront him about it. If anybody ever happens to say anything positive about what Apple is doing then Thom labels them a fanboy and starts with the RDF crap. He just doesn't understand Apple at all. Mostly apple isn't about creating new technologies, they are about making existing technologies easy to use for everybody and not just geeks who read osnews. If we are Apple fanboys as he says then he is a Apple fanboy hater fanboy.

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