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Amiga & AROS AmigaOS 4.0 for classic Amigas will go on sale November 30th (yes, this year). From the news page: "On November 30 AmigaOS4 will ship for Classic Amigas. Hyperion Entertainment VOF made the announcement at the AmiWest banquet. The following will be included in the package: CD-ROM with AmigaOS4, one floppy disk to boot your Amiga (no pre-installed OS will be needed), and a manual."
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Yesterday liberal party totally defeated right-wing populists in parliamentary elections after two years of their rule of my country (Poland), and I was already surprised by that (and in fact I'm very happy!) BUT two miracles in 24 hours is simply too much for me ;-)

Talking more seriously - I'm very sceptical, as always when it comes to "new Amiga things".

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